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Is the air you're breathing deadly?

Lung Cancer is causing more deaths today in America for men and women than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined, and those in danger are not just smokers. All of us are at risk with environmental pollution, second/third hand smoke, chemicals in the air and other pollutants that you may not see or smell.

Smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes constitute about 90% of those at greatest risk. Indoor pollution according to the EPA is 2-5x worse than outdoors and we typically spend 90% of time indoors. Do you know what you are breathing now? In a day we breathe about 20,000 breaths which is about 2,000 gallons volume equivalent to a backyard swimming pool.

Indoor pollution over time can destroy your lungs. The small particles that are lingering as particulate matter are smaller than 2.5 microns(PM2.5) are the worst offenders which can't be seen. A human hair is about 75 microns in diameter. These PM2.5 particles are floating throughout the air and potentially get trapped deep inside the lungs causing diseases like asthma, cancer and heart disease in people of all ages. Babies and seniors are most vulnerable to these damaging particles.

"Measure it to Manage it" is a statement made by business leader Peter Drucker. If you don't know what you are breathing, NOW is the time to consider finding out to avoid the risk of disease and early death from lung cancer. Healthy Building Consultants and Indoor Air Quality experts have digital tools to measure and help you manage your air. Similar to a doctor using an MRI to see what's inside your body, indoor air experts use digital tools to identify the PM2.5 and other threats to your environment. In addition, there are effective means and methods with engineering controls and air purifiers to clean up the air and breathe easier. It's what's INSIDE that matters!

Healthy air and lifestyle choices will help you avoid deadly pathogens and particles in your environment and give you the freedom to do the things you love most like spending time with kids or favorite hobbies. That is something to wake up happy about!


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