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Commercial Services

Full time employees spend around 2000+ hrs/yr in the office. Are you or your employees breathing clean air? If not, it can have a major impact on health and productivity which ultimately costs you time and money. We can help with our 35+ years experience designing commercial buildings. Take a look below at some of our services and give us a call and we can schedule some time to do an initial assessment with you. Pricing depends on the customized solutions provided as well as the needs of the space. 

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We are looking forward to working with you. We want to empower you to work in a healthy and productive environment!

Air Quality

Beginning with air quality assessment we address potential health factors in your home/office such as dust pollution, Formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, mold and more. We then design a solution to meet your needs.

Surface Quality

To address germs, viruses, mold and more hiding on common surfaces, we also provide a nature based purification and protectant solution that is electrostatically sprayed for maximum coverage. We can also provide all natural cleaning products to help you maintain your surfaces without using harmful chemicals. This is a great addition to the air quality service to protect from the Covid-19 virus.


Our experience designing buildings can help you solve additional issues that may be part of your environment. Take an integrated approach to your total health. Let us design it for you. 

I'm Ready to Purify My Building!

Our Client's Agree...

“The solutions presented were designed to get our office healthy again, but much better than we expected”

- Dr. C. Glosson, Orlando FL

“Design solutions proposed by Keith and his team are an "Environmental Vaccination” to our buildings in a critical time when life throws us unknowns”

- Dr. P. Kloess, Highlands NC

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