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Know what's Inside?(it's worse than you think)


Most of us believe we are living and working in clean environments. Not true based on the EPA. They have stated that indoor pollution is 2-5x worse than outdoors and we all typically spend 90% of our time indoors. Wouldn't it be depressing to know that you spend money fixing up your home only to find out it might be the very thing that is making you sick?


Do you really know that what's inside matters! Nearly all of us are unaware of what pathogens and contaminants are lurking in our homes and offices. We have learned through the Coronavirus recently that what is "unseen" can do more damage than visible dirt and mold. What if you could measure your interior just like doctors use an MRI or CAT scan to see what's inside your home? It's possible with digital air and surface quality tools but this can be a very expensive option for most people to run out and purchase these. Twentieth century business guru, Peter Drucker, stated "if you can measure it, you can manage it!" Fortunately, there are Healthy Building Consultants that have the tools and technology to help people measure and see some of the unseen. It's not likely they will be able to measure the Coronavirus in your environment, but they do have means and methods to control the environment to minimize the risk of Covid19 and other diseases.


The Coronavirus has created another set of disturbing and dangerous chemicals to be introduced as part of the fear of the Virus. Homeowners and businesses are frantically and furiously cleaning the spaces they live and work in to rid it of the potential of Covid19, and creating another set of problems with the alcohol and bleach based products. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) issues a list of approved chemicals that are effective at destroying the Virus, but they don't offer guidance that the approved list will do other damage to your health in the process.


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