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Our Story

What’s inside matters!

Our company is a group of building and health experts dedicated to bring interior purification to indoor environments. Our name is a combination of the Latin words interiorem and pura which means “interior purity”.


Inpura is designed to inspire healthy and happy interior environments and add lasting value to your life.

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We fundamentally believe: that good design can solve any problem.

We understand: that you may be fearful of viruses including Covid-19, mold and prolonged exposure to other pollutants affecting your health.

We utilize: 35 years of architectural science experience and our own passion for healthy living to approach health from an indoor environmental perspective. After all, where we spend most of our time will have the greatest impact on our exposure to external pollutants.

So we can: empower our customers to better understand the environments they live and work in.

In order to: inspire health and happiness.

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Meet The Team

keith thomas CXO of inpura

Keith Thomas

AIA, LEED AP, CEEE, Fitwel Ambassador:

CXO, Customer Experience Officer

Passion: Developing people and ideas with healthy living concepts; family time, reading business and personal development, cycling, cooking, life adventures with other guys.

Purpose(WHY): God designed us to Experience Meaningful Relationships(family) and Memorable Moments(photographable). We can’t fully do this when we are unhealthy.


Pursuit: Good Foods(prefer Mediterranean), Great music(Epic movie genre), Good times with my piano/guitar, Loving God and others.

david thomas vice president of inpura

David Thomas

Vice President of Natural Purification

I’ve always been aware of germs around me so when Covid-19 hit, there hasn’t been much change in how I live my life day-to-day. Combining that with my background in data analysis gives me a unique perspective to take a data-driven approach to building healthy environments. I’m on a mission to understand all the interconnected factors that go into health and design solutions that address the current problems without creating long term side effects.

Looking forward to connecting soon!

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