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what's inside matters...

Experience natural purity in your home/office now!

Your Home

Residential services to ensure you wake up in a healthy home

Your Office

Commercial services to enable productivity and comfort by design

Your Health

Natural approach using the power of nature to inspire indoor purity

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Current Problem

Are you worried about...

  • Getting sick from viruses in recycled air?

  • Germs hiding on surfaces?

  • Prolonged exposure to harmful cleaning chemicals?

What you may not know:


More pollution indoors than outdoors per the EPA


Of our time is spent indoors

5 Days

The length of time viruses can survive on surfaces

Sick man lying on sofa at home and blowi

If left unchecked, it can:

  • lead to more serious conditions such as asthma, cancer, heart disease, Covid-19 infection and more.

  • result in thousands of dollars in major building renovations.

  • shorten life expectancy. In fact, household air pollution kills about 6 million people per year throughout the world.

"If you can measure it you can manage it."

- Peter Drucker

Take a deep breath, we can help!

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Your health is paramount which is why we are in the fight to purify your interior from viruses, bacteria, mold, dust and mildew particles. We offer “nature-driven” products and tools that solve problems, not create them. Many common household and industrial cleaners contain known carcinogens and other pollutants. We design indoor environments around YOUR goals. Born in an era of uncertainty, we want YOU to be certain the places you spend the most time support your healthy lifestyle.

I'm ready for a

healthy environment!

In short, our mission is to inspire healthy and happy environments by design!

Our Simple Plan for You

step 1


Start by understanding the space. Using tools to measure VOCs, CO2, formaldehyde, surface microbes, mold spores, etc.

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 5.12.17 PM.png

step 2


Next we’ll synthesize the measurements for you into an executive summary so you have a customized treatment plan based on your goals and the needs of the space.


step 3


We will work with you to complete the custom treatment plan ensuring your individual goals are met.

Let's Do This!

Our Client's Agree...

“The solutions presented were designed to get our office healthy again, but much better than we expected”

- Dr. C. Glosson, Orlando FL

“Design solutions proposed by Keith and his team are an "Environmental Vaccination” to our buildings in a critical time when life throws us unknowns”

- Dr. P. Kloess, Highlands NC


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5 Ideas for a Healthy Home Office

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